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Jimmy Gil: Keeping fit is key to six decades in the air lanes

Gil through the years. Trim and fit and father of a nine-month-old baby.

MANILA, Philippines — In this noon-day appointment, the broadcaster who carries the program Jimmy Gil Live! keeps a quiet profile as he talks about keeping fit and staying put in the air lanes for six decades now.

“I keep busy as I keep in touch with the times,” he said. “I basically eat anything but everything in moderation, so to speak.”

A graduate of Far Eastern University, Gil started at GMA 7 as a news writer and moved on to become a reporter and now still busy as all-around broadcaster with Jimmy Gil Live! every evening.

Gil is father of five grownups from first marriage. He remarried after he became a widower and, lo and behold, he is now the father of a youngest child, a nine-month-old baby.

“It feels good to be a father again,” he confessed. “In my early years as a father, I had to be careful with safety pins when changing diapers. Now it’s all hi-tech and no more pins.”

He admitted the last baby was unexpected but to him, it was a welcome surprise. But he noted, “Half of it is divine intervention, the other half is good exercise and sticking to a food supplement which I take regularly.”

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Gil faced the media as endorser of Enduranz Capsule for Men.

Said Jerome Filler, Natural Quality Corp. regulatory pharmacist: “We are equally happy of Jimmy’s beautiful blessing and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board to tell his personal experience. Jimmy is a living testament to what our food supplement can do when taken as instructed. It has helped countless couples who may have had difficulty starting a family or having another child.

He added: “The aspiration of many Filipino couples to have their first-born or maybe an older couple who already has a first child and may be hoping for their last baby or bunso is not uncommon.”

Jimmy’s youngest daughter took seven years in the making. “To be honest, it wasn’t on the agenda. To be sure, my attitude towards food supplement is that it helped me keep my overall health not necessarily along the line of baby production. I was 200 lbs. and I felt it. I didn’t feel weak but I was having a hard time climbing stairs, I felt sluggish, lethargic. Upon the advice of my doctor, I started brisk walking every day, cut down on my rice intake to half, and took food supplement. I felt the renewed energy as I would walk in the Greenhills area five or six days a week to keep up with my goal of 10,000 steps a day. I did start losing weight as I initially set out to do. And then I also felt that it was helping me with my intimate relationship with my wife.”

Pharmacist Filler concluded: “It works because the multi-herb combination of natural food in a supplement was designed to help restore male energies lost over the years.”

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