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This Barretto knows her fashion: Travel #OOTDs according to Dani

Always on trend, showing skin but not sexy, young and fresh, Dani does know her fashion. Photos from www.instagram.com/danibarretto

MANILA, Philippines—Unlike her younger sisters Julia Barretto, who is already a blockbuster actress, and Claudia Barretto, who has just released her debut album, Dani Barretto is carving her own career not in the show business but in the lifestyle landscape.

As a travel and fashion blogger, Dani has already gathered 374,000 followers on Instagram. This ranks her as among Filipina digital influencers. She is loved for her spontaneity—her feed veers away from heavy curation—and of course, her sense of style.

Always on trend, showing some skin but not racy, the young and fresh Dani does know her fashion. This is seen in her travel #OOTDs, which she captures using her trusted companion, the Huawei P10.

Featuring the new Leica Dual Camera 2.0 on its rear, Huawei P10 produces professional-looking portraits, monochrome and wide images, among others. Its front camera, which is also co-engineered with Leica, captures more light for stunning selfies day or night.

Check out Dani’s travel photos that showcase her signature stylesamidst the Philippines’ most beautiful destinations—all taken using the Huawei P10. 

Not your typical beach babe

Dani is not your typical beach babe who flaunts her skinny body in two-piece attires. This girl is proud of her healthy yet sexy figure and she complements it with the right choices of bikinis. Here, she dons a mustard one-piece in a paradise in the coast of Surigao City in Mindanao. She accentuates the look with brown hair and a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses.

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She is shot in Huawei P10’s Portrait Mode that results to a vintage effect in Leica image style.

A pop of color to brighten a gray day

Dani brightens up a rather gray day on the beach with a turquoise bikini paired with faded denim shorts, in a sexy back pose.

To showcase not just her ensemble but also the surroundings on Pandanon Island in Bohol, she utilizes her Huawei P10’s dual lens feature. Huawei, by partnering with Leica, is the first to introduce the dual lens innovation in smartphones. 

The feeling of forever in El Nido

We all know how strikingly blue the lagoons of El Nido in Palawan are. But when photographed in black and white, the island paradise gives a different feeling, the feeling of forever.

This is exactly what Dani’s photo gives us here. She captions, “I love how my signature Leica Monochrome that's available on Huawei P10. Perfectly captures moments in my life that I want to bring with me forever.”

And oh, take a look at Dani’s high-waisted bikini bottom with side-string detail. Fabulous! 

The girl that glows

Still in El Nido, Dani reveals her soft side in this self-portrait taken using her Huawei P10. The Barretto beauty glows in her flawless skin and rose-coloredbikini with matching rose-tinted lips. 


The Huawei P10 selfie cam magic Hair: @tokyoposh Bikini Top: @hm @huaweimobileph #Huawei10PH #Standout #LioFest

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The Barretto clan may indeed be famous in showbiz—before this generation’s crop there were sisters Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine—but Dani is out to prove that in her own right, her star can shine as bright. 

The new Huawei P10, which carries lenses by Leica, best captures Dani Barretto's travel #OOTDs. Huawei Philippines/Released

To get more of Dani Barretto, follow @danibarretto in Instagram. To see more amazing photos shot using Huawei P10, follow @huaweimobileph in Instagram. To know more about Huawei Mobile Philippines, like it in Facebook or vsit http://consumer.huawei.com/ph.


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