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Ai-Ai: Fighting… & winning… life’s battles

Besides Ai-Ai delas Alas’ faith in God, her children are the constants in her life— Photo from Ai-Ai’s Instagram

You’ve got to give it to Ai-Ai delas Alas when it comes to fighting — and winning life’s battles. She’s been scarred many times. But she brushed off the dirt from her knees, stood up and moved on.

Besides her faith in God, four constants remain: Her children Sancho, 26; Nicolo, 24; Sofia, 21; and Seth, six.

As a single mom, she raised her children while singing and performing her heart out, from humble comedy bars to huge venues like the Big Dome and the Mall of Asia Arena.

Now that three of her children are grown up and she can loosen the apron strings, Ai-Ai smiles at how she fought — and overcame — her battles as a single mom.

She’s happy when her children run to her for solutions to anything and everything. As a single mom, Ai-Ai only has herself to ask when decisions — big and small — must be made.

And she loves it.

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“The best part about being a single mom is you have full authority in making all decisions for your children. You have the choice on how to spend your money on your children,” she says.

You pour out all your love and care on your children, knowing that they rely on you alone for almost every move they make.

Of course, single motherhood has its struggles. For Ai-Ai, as it is for many single working moms, these came in the form of budgeting her hard-earned money. She fed her children, clothed them, sent them to good schools, paid for their hospital bills, etc.

On top of that, Ai-Ai had to fight the stress of working hard to provide for them.

And since her children are her priority, Ai-Ai always found time to be with them despite her packed schedule. She’d listen and find a solution to their problems, take them on a trip abroad, etc.

When the going gets tough, Ai-Ai’s faith takes over. She goes down on her knees, closes her eyes and asks God for strength. She also takes one look at her children, and all the fatigue melts away like ice cream under the scorching sun.

She can endure sleepless nights during shootings and tapings in locations near and far, death-defying stunts on stage, bashing from netizens, the works!

Ai-Ai never crumbled under pressure because she knew her children not only need her. They’re watching her every move.

“I should be a good example to my children. That’s why I need to be good,” the Papal awardee explains.

Courage is another virtue she holds dear. In fact, she advises fellow single moms to be just as strong for themselves and their children.

“Be brave and always do everything with love. Pray to God to help you raise your kids.”

Speaking of her children, Ai-Ai’s brood approves of her fiancé, Gerald Sibayan, whom she’s marrying in 2018.

He watches silently at the sidelines as Ai-Ai’s star burned even brighter throughout the three years they’ve been together as sweethearts.

Ai-Ai manages to make light of the 30-year gap between them. She finds it cool that she’s marrying a much younger man because “we have no complications in communicating with each other.”

She explains, “Pag sinabi ko na yes, yes din siya. Or no, no na lang din. Bihira sya kumontra (When I say yes, he says yes. When I say no, it’s also a no for him. He doesn’t object).”

Ai-Ai is currently working on a new movie directed by Joel Lamangan billed Bes May Nanalo Na (Ginalingan Eh!!!). She also won Best Actress in the 2017 ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards for the movie Area.

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