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Tax evasion complaint filed vs Richard Gutierrez

 Actor and host Richard Gutierrez is now facing a P38.57 million tax evasion case over tax liability. PR Photo

Manila, Philippines — Actor and host Richard Gutierrez is now facing a P38.57 million tax evasion case after the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Friday filed a tax complaint against him before the Department of Justice.

According to BIR, Gutierrez under-declared P39.6 million in his sales in 2012. He and his production company, R Gutz Production Corp., where he is the president, only declared P311,111 in sales in the same year.

However, R Gutz’s clients said they purchased P39.9 million in 2012.

The company also did not file an annual income tax return and two quarterly value added tax returns during the same year.

“As a consequence of their acts and omissions, R Gutz and its president, Richard Gutierrez, were assessed an estimated aggregate deficiency tax liability for taxable year 2012 in the total amount of P38.57 million,” the BIR said in a press statement.

The P38.57 million tax liability already indicated the surcharges and interests.

BIR already sent its findings in September 2014, January and March 2017 but Gutierrez’s camp is not responding. — Rosette Adel

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