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James’ photographic journey with X-T20

Fujifilm’s brand ambassador James Reid

MANILA, Philippines - James Reid recently headlined the launch of Fujifilm’s newest mirrorless innovation, the X-T20 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City. He has gone far in his photographic journey. James was drawn to photography while filming the hit series On the Wings of Love. He experimented on different cameras until he decided that Fujifilm suited his needs best. In his last soap Till I Met You, James even played a Fujifilm-armed photographer. 

“We’re very happy with James as our male brand ambassador. He embodies what the Fujifilm brand is all about — young, current and innovative,” said Takuya Maeda, Fujifilm Philippines’ division head for Electronic Imaging and Photo Imaging.

With Fujifilm Philippines division head Takuya Maeda (right) and event host/brand endorser Joyce Pring.

During the event, James led some celebrity guests, who are Fujifilm users as well, like Will Devaughn, Daniel Marsh of Juan Direction, Angely Dub, Kerwin King, Dee Gee Razon, Joyce Pring, Aya Cabauatan and Frank Magalona.

James announced that he has found a new favorite camera, the X-T20. Handy and powerful, it is able to track moving objects with ease because of updated sensors, processors and redone AF algorithm. The X-T20’s touchscreen LCD monitor can be used to see before you shoot photos and videos. Available in silver and black, the X-T20 is perfect for budding directors with its phenomenal autofocus speed.      

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