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Mocha: Flavor for all Seasons

A re-introduction (sort of) to the country’s hottest social-media activist who is taking a bow as Philippine STAR columnist on Tuesday, Nov. 8 —Photo by VER PAULINO

“My boobs are bigger than my brain.”

Is that really how people perceive Mocha Uson as she was quoted in an interview with a broadsheet (not this one)?

That brain has been churning out pieces (food for thought) on social media that never fail to agitate many people who read her anyway even if they disagree with what they dismiss as “lies” and “misinformation” that Mocha has been spreading. Either you love her, as do the more than four million followers of her Facebook page (mochausonblog); or you hate her, as do the more than 33,000 “mocha-haters” who signed a petition to have her obliterated from social media.

Mud has been slung at her but does she care? No! She has been called names but does she care? No! She has been dismissed as a “bad example” but does she care? No! Will the kitchen sink thrown at her knock her into unconsciousness and silence her forever? No, it will not! She’s fearless, not afraid to fight back if provoked.

Under the Constitution, Mocha has a right to free speech; she can speak her mind, and so what if people don’t agree with her? Under the same Constitution, her “non-followers/haters” enjoy freedom of expression and they can hit back at Mocha, or any columnist who expresses opinions contrary to theirs. We are in a democracy and if you give, you must be ready to take. If you lampoon anybody, be ready to receive a dose of your own medicine. Give and take.

Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 8, The Philippine STAR will welcome Mocha as a columnist, not in the Entertainment Section but in the Op-Ed Section. Her column will be called Hotspot and that sums up what “hot” items you can expect from Mocha every Tuesday. Enough introduction?

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Here’s some more:

Margaux Uson was born on May 17, 1982, to Oscar Uson, a regional trial court judge who was killed in Asingan, Pangasinan, in 2002; and to Estrella Uson, a pediatrician from Dagupan, same province, who is a breast cancer survivor. In an interview with this paper’s Supreme, Mocha described her father as “matapang at makabayan” (brave and patriotic), traits that Mocha said she had inherited and she sees in Pres. DU30. Although branded as a “Duterte defender,” Mocha doesn’t claim nor brag that she is close to Pres. DU30 whom she counted, she has met only three or four times.  

Educational attainment: Elementary and high school at the Mother Goose Special School System, a Medical Technology degree from UST (her plan to take up Medicine was sidetracked by her dream of pursuing a musical career). After going solo, Mocha (with the help of her manager Lord Byron Cristobal) formed the band Mocha Girls and recorded three albums, two under Viva Records. On the side, Mocha starred in films — Sumpa (2009) with Joross Gamboa; Seksing Masahista (a Filipino-Malaysian film, 2011); So Much Pain, So In Love (2011); Butas 2 (2012); and Mga Alaala ng Tag-Ulan (2013, with Akihiro Blanco).

Before becoming a social-media activist, Mocha wrote a sex-oriented column for a glossy men’s magazine. As a nod to her sexy past (she’s more tame now, just “medyo sexy”), Conversations decided to have a “sexy talk” with Mocha.

How do you feel about detractors (people who vehemently disagree with what you write)? 

“I am challenged to keep doing what I’m doing and keep getting better. My kaDDS (Duterte Die-hard Supporters) are always there to encourage me and remind me that stones are thrown only at fruit-bearing trees.”

Do you feel “superior” to them (your bashers)?                                                           

“Nope. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.”

Do you let them affect your convictions or simply ignore them?

“I ignore them. I don’t even read them.”

Do you sleep soundly at night despite the “ruckus” created by your writings?

“Yes. I sleep soundly at night knowing that I am fighting for the right side. There is a war going on between good and evil. My mission is to separate truth from lies, light from darkness and good from evil.”

Any death “threats”?

“Yes. But like my father, who was a judge and was assassinated for protecting the rights of the ordinary people, I am not afraid.”

Any message to your “bashers” and your followers?

“I pray that God will bless you more.”

 What is sexy to you? 

“Strong is the new sexy.”

When do you feel sexy? 

“When I go to the gym.”

Would you say that your writings are “sexily political” or “politically sexy”?

“Sexily political.”

With your current social-media status, would you consider yourself more “politics” than “showbiz”?

“Showbiz pa rin. I just believe that every one of us should be involved in politics and should have his/her own political views. Buti nga ngayon ang laman ng social media ay politics kesa naman sa mga walang kwentang topics.”

What part of your body do you consider sexiest?

“Brain. I can tickle you with my views and opinions.”

What part of a man’s body do you find sexiest?

“Brain. Because that is rarely used by men these days. Usually, it’s all about their organs.”

Do you find Pres. DU30 sexy in his own right?

“Yes, because he is street smart. He is intelligent and has common sense.”

Who among politicians do you find sexy? 

“Duterte, Cayetano and Gen. Bato because they use their brain 100 percent.”

What in a man turns you on?

“Responsible men turn me on.”

And what in a man turns you off? 

“SELF-RIGHTEOUS men, the likes of Trillanes and Bam Aquino.”

Sexiest book? 

“Bible. God created the most beautiful creation…us!” 

Sexiest movie? 


Sexiest song? 

“Formation by Beyoncé.”

Sexiest animal? 


Sexiest food? 


Sexiest musical instrument? 

“Bass guitar.”

Sexiest part of the house? 


Sexiest time of day? 


 Sexiest thing that you’ve done to yourself? 


(Mocha is 5’5” tall; weighs 116 lbs.; measures 34-26-36; wears small-sized shirt.) 







(E-mail reactions at entphilstar@yahoo.com. You may also send your questions to askrickylo@gmail.com.)

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