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Movie writers as performers at Kapamilya party

Birthday celebrants are called on stage and given a cake

It’s that time of the year once again when the air is awash with thoughts of Christmas which brings back long missed relatives busy with work in a foreign land. There have been stories of complete families from the oldest down to the youngest heading for the airport with two cars filled with eager Filipino residents who couldn’t just wait at home to meet them.

Once home, these relatives are met with tables set up with different varieties of Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang and lechon that have all been sorely missed. They have also prepared their own itineraries months before with tickets prepared to visit places where relatives live.

Meanwhile, city-based Filipinos can also expect their own brand of Christmas prepared for them, as in ABS-CBN’s Thank you for the Love, a Christmas party for the entertainment media, which became the call for excellence from the group.

Held at the Dolphy Theater, and hosted by Ogie Diaz, the first group to perform was composed of 11 regular members of It’s Showtime who showed off their aptitude for entertainment. One can imagine the length of time they spent rehearsing over and over again until they were content with the results.

This was followed by recognition of all the birthday celebrants for December. As they were called one by one to the stage to be recognized by the audience, each was given a cake as birthday gift.


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Then came the “impersonation game” with Team A and Team B with the audience watching with bated breath as to which team would go home with the biggest gift or the one they hoped they would win. These included an iron, an oven toaster, American Heritage Juice, Black decker blender, etc.

It was followed by guess-the-movie-title game called Celebrity Playtime for “local” and “international” groups. The local group was given the task of identifying the movie through drawings that would hopefully provide the answer. Someone guessed the winner would be Fighterman.

Now for the winners. Team B won P16,000 for the group. Best performer was “Maja Salvador” of Pep.ph Rachelle Siazon. Alex Brosas appeared as “Imelda Papin” while Ambet Nabus came as “Martin Nievera.”

 Janice Navida as one of the Aegis was recognized. What is not well known is she is also the editor of Bulgar. Rey Pumaloy as Lady Gaga was given recognition by Jed Madela who was seated in front of the performance venue.

Annabelle Rama also plugged her new book which was published by ABS-CBN and is available at National Book Stores. 

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