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Mr. Pizza’s talented poster boys

Above: Dream Team’s Park Sung Min, Lee Moon Ky, Jin Jun Tae, Kim Min Hyuk and Joo Hyeon Soo toss dough in the air. Right: With them is Mr. Pizza marketing manager Chanky Tiangco.

MANILA, Philippines - Dream Team is what they call themselves. They do not represent some country in a sporting event or some hip-hop group in an international dance competition. They are Koreans, being tapped to be the poster boys of Mr. Pizza, the latest fast-food chain in Greenbelt 3.

Dream Team, composed of Park Sung Min, Lee Moon Ky, Jin Jun Tae, Kim Min Hyuk and Joo Hyeon Soo, recently graced Mr. Pizza’s soft opening, showcasing its brand of entertainment in a free-demonstration show.

The Dream Team members each hand-kneaded the dough and tossed it in the air. Their acts could easily get them through the Asia’s Got Talent preliminary round.

“Every time there’s a store opening, they come to perform,” says Mr. Pizza marketing manager Chanky Tiangco of the Dream Team’s main function. “They were initially kitchen staff. They were team members of the kitchen. ”

The kitchen staff eventually became the five-man member group Dream Team, which was chosen from thousands of chefs, around Mr. Pizza’s branches in Korea, who had been hand-kneading and tossing dough professionally.

“They have a following in Korea,” says Tiangco. “They became instant celebrities when they were starting.”

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One of Dream Team’s bragging rights was the invitation from Guinness Book of World Records for a dough-toss challenge. The Dream Team members were in Beijing for a store opening, recalled Tiangco. Some representatives from Guinness watched them perform and called up the branch there and later the headquarters in Korea for the challenge. The Dream Team tried its luck and now holds the record for the most number of dough-toss-over-the-shoulder attempts. The group has also two championships at the World Pizza Games tucked under its belt.  

According to Tiangco, the Dream Team members make their own repertoire of tossing dough with dancing and change it every time.

Asked if the Dream Team members have gotten back to the kitchen?

“They can’t anymore because they are busy going around,” replies Tiangco. “They have a manager. They perform for the store’s special events.” The Dream Team’s schedule is definitely full given the number of Mr. Pizza branches located in China (with 80 stores) and Korea (400). The Mr. Pizza Greenbelt 3 is its 505th branch globally.

“I’m actually thinking about it — to have our own Philippine Dream Team pride,” says Tiangco of a possible all-Filipino Mr. Pizza Dream Team. She has to look for equally good-looking dough makers, who can, of course, do the pizza store’s 300-percent principle of 100-percent hand-kneaded, 100-percent full-hearted topping and 100-percent grill baked. What’s interesting to note about Mr. Pizza’s dough is, it is not “ready made.” It is kneaded right there and then to make the dough perfect once it is prepared to be made either as a smarty or classic pizza. Aside from its mouth-watering menu of pizzas, the pastas are something to look forward to.

(For details, check out Mr. Pizza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram@mrpizzaph.)

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