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Gabby Lopez: Good content drives media consumption

From left: Kris Aquino, ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio Lopez III and Boy Abunda at the Media Specialist Association of the Philippines (MSAP) conference

Hitmakers are good storytellers. They know how to brew a story that can capture the hearts of their audiences. They know how to inject elements into the story that can evoke emotions, and they know how to hook audiences.

For many years, ABS-CBN has given birth to iconic TV shows and movies, which all presented stories that resonated, inspired, and entertained Filipino audiences.

ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio Lopez III said that while technologies change and the future of media is unknown, the Kapamilya network will strengthen its focus on what it does best.

“Good content will remain to be the drivers of media consumption and choice. That is why at ABS-CBN, we are determined to keep content creation at the core of our business.  It is true that we invest a lot in understanding the needs of the Filipino content users. Our deep research into their emotional and intellectual needs has helped us come up with shows that sustain high ratings for a much longer time,” he said at the Media Specialist Association of the Philippines (MSAP) conference.

ABS-CBN president and CEO Charo Santos-Concio highlighted the importance of matching the right content for the right consumer in producing excellent and value-oriented shows that reflect the culture, aspirations and values of the Filipino cable TV audience.

“At ABS-CBN, we have the privilege to first know the consumer very well before we develop content. We invest a lot in knowing even the hidden desires of every segment of the market,” she shared at the Philippine Cable Television Association (PCTA) convention.

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She said ABS-CBN is able to develop highest-rating shows because of the company’s dedication to understanding consumer knowledge and taste that are mirrored in ABS-CBN programs. 

“Our shows that do not even have big stars have turned into big hits just like the Jodi-Richard starrer, Be Careful with My Heart because we value the interest of our consumers,” she said.

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo perform during the event ng voice

As the shift to the digital era continues, a lot of programs from ABS-CBN’s free TV and cable channels are now accessible in other platforms like iWanTV, a free service that allows viewers to catch-up with their favorite TV programs online and mobile.

ABS-CBN’s social media presence is strong as well. ABS-CBN’s social media profiles like its YouTube account is the first channel to achieve one billion views in the Philippines, while ABS-CBN.com’s Facebook account is the No. 1 media page with 9.4 million fan likes.

The company is also penetrating Filipino audiences through mobile devices since an increasing number of tech-savvy Filipinos access information using their phones. ABS-CBN has since launched ABS-CBNmobile, a mobile facility that contains exclusive Kapamilya content.

In February this year, ABS-CBN launched ABS-CBN TVplus digital TV box that gives consumers clear and crisp TV viewing and four free exclusive channels — movie channel CineMo, news and information channel DZMM TeleRadyo, children’s entertainment channel Yey and Knowledge Channel.

“We believe it’s a matter of duty to invest in radical change if you’re the country’s advocate of the media industry. We simply cannot ignore the global technology wave. We innovate or we die,” Lopez said.

Aside from listening to the thoughts of ABS-CBN leaders, the participants at the two events also experienced the Kapamilya entertainment.

At the MSAP, teen king and queen Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, The Voice Kids’ Lyca Gairanod and Darlene Vibares, and The Voice season two contestants Timmy Pavino and Daryl Ong wowed the audience. While at the PCTA, delegates were delighted with the performances of the hottest Kapamilya stars. Julia Barretto, Iñigo Pascual, Karylle, Erik Santos, Jason Dy and Morisette Amon performed stunning song-and-dance numbers.

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