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UNTV’s ‘Big 10’ focuses on senior citizens’ needs

Daniel Razon

MANILA, Philippines - UNTV is providing a free one-stop shop document processing for the elderly today while attending to their legal and medical concerns.

On its 10th year in broadcasting and service to people, the public service station has dedicated the eventful day to help the grandfathers and grandmothers by providing them various services and privileges. Caring for the Elderly is the theme and concept of the station’s event. UNTV aims to be bigger, better and broader with its public services with Daniel Razon at the helm. The two-day celebration, which started yesterday, is held at the World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Training Center simultaneously.

The Elderpowerment program empowers the elderly by providing them livelihood opportunities of their own preference. It aims to bring back to the seniors the pride of being productive and financially able. The working environment is designed to give them ease even at work.

Considered one of the highlights of the event is the One-Stop Shop Public Service program that assists the seniors with their documents regarding seniority. UNTV is making it possible with its partnership with government agencies such as PhilHealth, SSS, GSIS, PVAO, DSWD, PhilPost, DFA and other concerned offices.

The UNTV “Big 10” also features The Rescue Summit to educate participants, seniors and their families on safety measures in case of emergency, fire and calamities. Local government units are the partner agencies for the service.

Included in the program is the Health and Food Exhibit, which also provides food lectures, food and product testing, free massages, and hand and foot spa treatments.

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Elderly are also treated to free medical and dental services. UNTV has positioned volunteer medical doctors and dentists to check geriatric health concerns. The same free service goes to those who need legal assistance. UNTV legal practitioners and volunteer-lawyers give free legal services and consultation for the seniors.

UNTV maintains solid partnership with several government offices and agencies to make some of its public services possible. The main sponsor for the event is Bro. Eli Soriano of Ang Dating Daan as the televangelist believes in the humanitarian advocacy that UNTV has carried for 10 years. Last year, when Ang Dating Daan held its 33rd year in broadcast, it partnered with UNTV to promote breastfeeding campaign and it registered more than 35,000 participants, breaking the 2007 Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Breastfeeding. The 10th anniversary of UNTV also marks the groundbreaking of the channel’s new location.


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