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TV5 airs Juan Experiment primetime special

The hunks of Juan Direction take on their biggest adventure yet

MANILA, Philippines - TV5 fortifies its weeknight primetime block with the special two-week airing of Juan Experiment ng Juan Direction, featuring the half-Pinoy hunks of popular group Juan Direction in an innovative show that is set to entertain, educate and excite audiences beginning tonight at 7:30.

After two seasons of seeing the Juan Direction guys explore their hometowns, immerse themselves in the Pinoy culture, rediscover their roots and ultimately, fall in love with the country, this time around Daniel Marsh, Charlie Sutcliffe, Michael McDonnell, Brian Wilson and Henry Edwards take on a different challenge as they try to learn the dynamics of Pinoy relationships.

Juan Experiment ng Juan Direction closely follows these five guys as they participate in various tasks that would challenge their abilities to establish friendships and build relationships, with the end-goal of trying to prove that the differences between cultures no longer matter in a world that is getting smaller.

Joining the half-Pinoy hunks in their latest adventure are five Pinays who embody different characteristics, led by Kapatid star Helga Krapf, Miss Earth 2013 Alma Cabasal, indie actress Althea Vega, dancer April “Congratulations” Gustilo and controversial personality Kat Ordoñez, who are all set to show the viewers what lies in the hearts of these five handsome bachelors.

Don’t miss what is arguably the biggest adventure of the Juan Direction hunks in Juan Experiment Ng Juan Direction airing Mondays to Fridays.


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