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Four PBB All In housemates refuse to pose nude

Pinoy Big Brother housemates Aina and Ranty

MANILA, Philippines - Big Brother has given out a series of challenges to the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In housemates in their weekly task called Yes All We Can to have them face their greatest fears and test their beliefs and determination. The highlight involves Big Brother asking the religious and reserved Jayme to pose nude for a painting.

Jayme went through a painstakingly emotional process and even consulted her fellow housemates and the Bible before finally deciding to accept the challenge. She would have been joined by Daniel Matsunaga, Michele and Ranty, but in the end, Jayme’s principles prevailed and she backed out from the task.

The weekly budget depends on the crucial task, but it would have also helped in the advocacy of an artist, who helps and teaches other people to paint without charging for it and who would have done the nude painting.

Sacrifice seems to be the main theme this week in PBB All In as Ranty also saved teen housemate Joshua from the threat of eviction. They, together with Aina, were given a chance by Big Brother to save themselves from being nominated by escaping from a locked jail cell using materials inside the cell.

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