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IN PHOTOS: Joey de Leon returns to sitcom via TV5's 'One of the Boys'

Joey De Leon (Photo courtesy of TV5)

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran comedian and TV host Joey de Leon admits he didn't want to do a sitcom again due to its long working hours.

His last sitcom, Joey recalls, is the GMA-7 sitcom “Kiss Muna,” which aired from 2000 to 2003.

“Ayoko sana ng sitcom dahil mahaba ang oras na kinakain, to be honest. Pero dito, kumbaga, lumilipas yung oras kasi namiss ko rin ang sitcom gawin,” the 67-year-old actor said.

Eula Caballero as Gabriella "Gabi" Silang in "One of the Boys" (Photo courtesy of TV5)

But Joey makes a comeback of sorts to scripted television comedy in the upcoming TV5 weekly sitcom “One of the Boys,” which stars TV5 talent Eula Caballero. The 18-year-old actress plays Gabriella “Sila” Silang, the mechanic and driver daughter of Daddy Jerry (played by Joey) who grew up as the only girl in the company of boys.

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The British-Filipino group Juan Direction—composed of Dan Marsh, Charlie Sutcliffe, Michael McDonnell, Brian Wilson, and Henry Edwards—make their acting debut in the show as a group of spoiled brats who were sent to the Philippines by their parents to live with Daddy Jerry.

Henry Edwards, Michael McDonnell, Dan Marsh, Charlie Sutcliffe, and Brian Wilson of the British-Filipino Juan Direction (Photo courtesy of TV5)

“Ano ako e, nung nag-start ang channel 5, parang I'm the hero of channel 5. The first TV shows dun, TV show ko e,” Joey quipped when asked why he agreed to do “One of the Boys.”

As a writer and a veteran comedian, Joey admits he can't help but give his input to his shows' script and story ideas, “One of the Boys” included.

“Si tito Joey, hinahangaan ng lahat. He is a legend in comedy. And alam ko ring hindi lahat ng proyektong inooffer sa kanya ay tinatanggap niya,” Eula said about working with Joey.

Here are the cast photos of TV5's “One of the Boys,” which will premiere Saturday, May 3 at 9 p.m. on TV5.

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