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Robi won't comment on Sam-Anne incident; airs dismay over ‘Biggest Loser’ controversy

 MANILA, Philippines - What can Robi Domingo say about  the Sam Concepcion- Anne Curtis incident, and on the "Biggest Loser" controversy?

Robi said that he was not present at Vice Ganda’s party when the incident happened and just learned about it the other day when he arrived from Cambodia.

Robi said he was invited to the party by Bernard Cloma, Vice Ganda’s good friend, but he turned it down since he was preparing for his flight the next day.

“I just came home from Cambodia and people were telling me na, ‘your friend Sam Concepcion ganito nangyari sa kanya sa party,’” Robi related in an interview Tuesday, April 8.

“The thing is, I’m not in the position to comment on that one, I don’t know what happened really. If I was there I will tell you my thoughts about it. For me the best thing to do is wait for the comments coming from Sam Concepcion, Jasmine Curtis-Smith.”

Robi, who was welcomed back as a MYX VJ, said that he has talked with Sam.

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“Sabi ko sa kanya just let it go, and if you really love the person just, you know, just be firm with your decisions,” he said.

‘Biggest Loser’ Controversy

Meanwhile, Robi was asked to comment as well on the recent controversy on the “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles.”

Four of its participants namely Christian and Ralph of Du Brothers, and Patrizha and Cathy of Showbiz Royalties volunteered to leave the competition.

This was after they confessed that they brought weight loss supplements inside the camp to help them lose extra pounds. This revelation made the other participants, the coaches, and hosts of the show to get emotional.

Robi didn’t hide his dismay over the four participants' action.

“I feel for the coaches, I feel for the staff who really gave their time and effort to find the worthy contestants who will enter the camp,” he said. “You know, 'Biggest Loser' is not just a reality show. It’s a place where you find yourself and transform yourself.

“Honestly, together with Matteo, we're just really angry because of all the places, of the things that you’ll be doing there inside the camp, bakit gano’n? Why would you do that?

“You were given free meals coming from Sexy Chef, and Sexy Chef is not cheap. Being trained by the best professionals in the country, and we’re making it fun for you guys. So why...where do you get the (nerve) to do those things?

“Parang ang akin lang, mahiya naman, mahiya naman. Kasi ‘yong opportunity ando’n na, sayang.”

He added that, “in reality, they are really the biggest losers, in a different sense, in the competition. Kasi dinaya mo ang sarili mo, e.”

But on a lighter note, Robi invited the viewers to watch the “Bigating Finale” of “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” which will be held on April 26, Saturday.

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