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Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw airs final episode

MANILA, Philippines - GMA Network’s drama series Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw, starring Kim Rodriguez and Kristoffer Martin (photo), concludes its run with a heartwarming final episode today.

Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw is a beautiful love story that reaffirms that real joy is to share the fulfillment of each and every dream with our one true love.

Edward (Gabby Eigenmann) finally finds out that Yvette (Jessa Zaragosa) was responsible for the death of Herminia (Irene Celebre) and not Josephine (Kim). He immediately confronts Yvette but she escapes with Berto (Neil Ryan Sese) and Josephine. Will Edward be able to save Josephine from the hands of Yvette before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Regina (G Tongi) discovers that Tupe (Kristoffer) is her son and immediately asks Tupe for forgiveness. Because of this revelation, Brix (Pythos Ramirez) and Tupe iron out their differences and become friends. Will Tupe and Josephine be reunited again and fulfill their destiny to once and for all be together? Will Josephine’s family be complete again?

Under the direction of Bb. Joyce Bernal, the finale of Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw airs right before 24 Oras.


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