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Vhong Navarro: ‘Hindi ako rapist’

Vhong Navarro: "Hindi ako rapist. Hindi po ako nagdru-drugs. Matino po akong tao. May takot ako sa Diyos."

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time since it was reported that he was beaten up in a condominium unit in Taguig City, Vhong Navarro on Sunday appeared on live television to deny he was involved in an attempted rape incident.

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This was after reports surfaced on Saturday, January 25, that Vhong signed a police blotter at the Taguig police filed by an unnamed 22-year-old student. According to the complaint, the comedian tried to force himself on the unidentified woman. The complainant fought back and got help from two male friends, who made a “citizen arrest” against Vhong.

But in an interview with ABS-CBN’s showbiz talk show “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, an emotional Vhong said he signed the police blotter because the girl’s camp threatened him. The incident, he explained, was a part of a plot to blackmail and extort money from him.

The “It’s Showtime” co-host said he did not rape anyone.

“Hindi ako rapist. Hindi po ako nagdra-drugs. Matino po akong tao. May takot ako sa Diyos at sa mga magulang ko,” Vhong said.

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He narrated that he first met the 22-year-old student, who he identified as Denience Milinette Cornejo, two years ago. She contacted Vhong via text message and invited him to her condominium earlier this month.

“Nag-inuman kami,” Vhong said of the first time he went to Cornejo’s condo unit last January 17. “Hindi ako gagawa ng move kung wala siyang pinakitang something na motibo na may gustong mangyari. May nangyari po pero walang sexual intercourse.”

It was during his second visit at Cornejo’s condo unit on January 22, Vhong claimed, that he was attacked. Two men pointed guns at him and threatened to kill him and his family if he does not cooperate. He was then tied down and beaten up by around six to seven men, led by a certain Cedric Lee.

According to Vhong, he was forced to say on video that he raped Cornejo.

“Pinapasabi nila sa akin ito: Ako si Vhong Navarro, nireyp ko yung kaibigan ko,” he said.

Vhong said one of the men told him he should pay them P200,000 to pay for what he did to Cornejo. “Sabi ni Cedric. ‘Hindi, gawin mong 500,000,’” Vhong said. The actor-TV host said Lee later asked him to give them P1 million.

He was then brought to a police station and was forced to sign Cornejo’s attempted rape complaint as an assurance.

“‘Dadalhin ka namin sa presinto, ipapa-blotter kita. Proteksyon namin sa iyo ito kasi baka magsumbong ka. Yung pagdadalhan namin sa iyo walang masyadong tao so safe ka pa rin’,” Vhong said quoting his alleged captors.

“Kinakausap ako nung isa, ‘Sinasabi ko sayo: sundin mo lang yung gusto namin, bigay mo lang yung gusto namin, lahat ito mawawala. Walang video na lalabas, walang media na lalabas. Basta ibigay mo yung usapan namin,'” Vhong added.

Vhong said he refused to give his side of the story since Lee was still in the precinct at that time.

Although scared for his life, the ‘It’s Showtime” co-host said he decided to speak up to prevent an incident like this from happening again.

“Kung hindi ko po lalakasan ang loob ko… kung nangyari po sa akin ito, I’m sure parang pwedeng ulitin, pwedeng mangyari ulit. Kung hindi sa akin, sa ibang kasamahan natin sa industriya o yung mga ordinaryong tao,” he said.

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Vhong also said that he is concerned for his children, his family, and his career.

“Syempre po after nung nangyari dito, yung kahihiyan at pangbababoy sa akin… kaya hindi ko alam kung ano magiging reflect nun. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang kalalabasan ko dito sa lahat. Sa lahat ng mga magulang, mga bata, mga kaibigan, mga sumusuporta sa akin,” he said.

“Hindi ko po alam. Basta ang iniisip ko po ngayon, gusto ko maging safe mga anak ko. Gusto ko maging safe ang pamilya ko.”

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