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MMFF: ER Ejercito returns to gangster role in ‘Boy Golden: Shoot to Kill’

MANILA, Philippines - ER Ejercito, popularly know as George Estregan Jr., jumps from being Asiong Salonga to now being Boy Golden.

In the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival, ER will be starring in the entry “Boy Golden: Shoot to Kill, The Arturo Porcuna Story.”

He plays the role of Boy Golden, who was first known as Boy Anino. When he was still in prison, John Estrada’s character threatens to kill him. 

But after getting out of prison, Boy Anino changes his alias to Boy Golden, wanting to prove to all gangsters what he’s capable of.

Thus, like all leading men, there will always be this girl who happens to be their weakness. But this is not the case with KC Concepcion’s character Marla. Due to her painful past, Marla learns how to defend herself, which made her even more alluring for the eyes of Boy Golden.

KC said that doing this film made her get out of her “comfort zone” as an actress.

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Nag-enjoy ako nang sobra,” she said in an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal.

In the movie, she was seen doing some sexy and fight scenes, which is different from the usual roles that she portrays in television or previous films.

Parang I felt free,” she added. “I felt a certain freedom as an actress na I can go beyond my comfort zone. So, going out of my comfort zone now is something na I find so fulfilling, lalo na kung nasa tamang konteksto iyong ginagawa mo roon sa charakter.”

Other members of the cast are John Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Leo Martinez, Gloria Sevilla, Tonton Gutierrez, Baron Geisler and Joem Bascon.

“Boy Golden: Shoot to Kill, The Arturo Porcuna Story,” is directed by Chito Roño and produced by VIVA Entertainment.

All MMFF entries will be in cinemas starting December 25.

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