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Raketeros marks reunion of Dekada 90 comedians


MANILA, Philippines - Make way for the Raketeros, a new kind of comedy which is what most everybody needs in times like this when prices and the crime rate are going up, as a stress-reliever.

Produced by Heaven’s Best (which is also behind Burgos, the true-to-life thriller about missing activist Jonas Burgos and her mother Editha Burgos’ unwavering search for him) and directed by Randy Santiago from a script by Woodrow Serafin, Raketeros stars Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, Andrew E., Dennis Padilla (who co-wrote the script), Long Mejia and Ogie Alcasid.

“This movie gives me the welcome relief that I need these days,” said Ogie who is, as he put it, “between jobs” after his contract with GMA expired on June 30 and before he signs up with TV5. “This movie, plus my concert (25 Years: I Write The Songs) at the MOA Arena on Aug. 16, have kept me busy.”

Raketeros is a riot of events experienced by a group of male friends in their prime who are tasked to fetch an expensive gown from the airport and take it to Batangas to be worn by their friend’s daughter at her debut.

Ogie plays Julio, the all-around singer; Herbert is Berto, the cable guy; Andrew E is Andoy, the priest; Dennis is Mando, the billiards player; and Long is Mulong, the driver.

What could a more riotous bunch than this!

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You will find out why they are called Raketeros as the five wacky friends go through a series of hilarious misfortunes just to get the gown safe and ready for the debutante to wear in the event.  When everything seems to be going down, they each reveals their soft spots. Thankfully, they are able to reach their friend’s mansion on time and the gown turns out to be the stunning highlight of the event.

All the five stars are noted for their knack for comedy whether on the small screen or the big screen.

Raketeros marks the first time they are brought together.

Randy, himself a comedian (and a singer/host, too), ends up feeling like a raketero.

“I have great fun working on the movie,” he said. “It wasn’t like working at all. It felt more like a fun bonding.”

Also in the cast of Raketeros are Joey Marquez (another ace comedian), Sam Pinto, Ryan Bang, Wendy Valdez, RR Enriquez, Regine Angeles, Tippy Dos Santos, Rodjun Cruz, Eula Caballero, Karen Reyes, Markki Stroem, Ryan Boyce, Yachang, IC Mendoza, Ahwel Paz, Patricia Ismael and Lassy.

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