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Sam just out of Makati Med

MANILA, Philippines -  BREAKING NEWS: I Do Bidoo Bidoo star Sam Concepcion was discharged from the Makati Medical Center yesterday after an overnight confinement due to severe stiff neck.

According to his manager Carlo Orosa, Sam was rushed to the hospital last Sunday after the Star Magic Ball the night before. He and other Kapamilya stars were booked at the nearby Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

‘Last Tuesday pa,’ said Sam, ‘I already had stiff neck. Sunday after taking a bath, I jumped into bed. Hayun, hindi ko na naigalaw ang aking neck, shoulders and hands.”

Diagnosis: Severe muscle strain from his neck down to his spine. The MRI test proved negative.

But still, Sam was required to wear neck brace for at least a week.

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