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European Union strengthens cooperation on external security and defense

The 13th November 2017 marked a milestone of European integration with the launch of a Permanent Structured Cooperation on defense by 23 EU member states.

Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila

You have to hand it to Generation X.  When we were growing up, we were told we could take on the world and save it from doom.  Decades later, Gen X-ers, now middle aged, but still comfy in faded blue jeans, are still doing it.

Bureaucratic inefficiency still prevails

Doing business in the Philippines has generally been recognized for years as a strenuous activity akin to going to war, with successful newbies emerging battle-scarred, and the veterans too callous to even raise a squeak about bureaucratic red tape and ineptitude, and all forms of corruption.

Enablers inspire the youth

Isabella, my youngest daughter who is just 10 years old, had a choice during the long ASEAN week to either play with her cousins all day or attend the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit with her older siblings.

Public outcry

There’s a video that was posted on YouTube the other day showing several instances where Adamson got away with no-calls in clear contact situations during the La Salle semifinal game in the UAAP at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday.

Chasing the elusive flavors of Pinoy cuisine

What?!” exclaimed the lady of the house on the other end of the phone, quite incredulously.

Makawagtang og sapot

Good morning Banat News ug sa mga staff ninyo sa time nga traffic sa kalsada ang inyo gyung news ang magwala sa akong sapot go lang nang go Banat News.

In times of trials,faith is tested

Life is full of tribulations and sufferings.

Pinagmulan ng French Fries

Hindi malinaw kung saan nagsimula at kung sino ang unang gumawa ng frenh fries.

What tips does Matteo get from girlfriend Sarah?

This series of photos shows Matteo Guidicelli at the presscon singing Huwag Ka Nang Umuwi which was (mis?)interpreted as dedicated to his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo