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Davao capitalists ride high nowadays

WITH Davao City having emerged as the political epicenter of the Philippines, businessmen from that home base of President Rodrigo Duterte are riding high, with many of them reporting on corporate acquisitions, business expansions, and such giant ventures.

Protein-rich diet can help manage type 2 diabetes, NAFLD

Patients with type 2 diabetes should be put on diets rich in either animal or plant protein to reduce not only liver fat, but insulin resistance and hepatic necroinflammation markers as well, according to a published study.

The February 2018 priority dates

Each month, the Visa Office of the State Department publishes, in the Visa Bulletin, the priority dates for that particular month, for the various family and employment based categories.

US Indo-Pacific strategy

Every year, the executive branch of the US government is supposed to submit a National Security Strategy (NSS) report to the US Congress, outlining the administration’s goals, objectives, worldwide interests and policies that impact the security of their nation.

US ‘protection’ of the Philippines

I wonder where the present US Ambassador to the Philippines was when Duterte made the dramatic statement in China that “Philippine foreign policy from hereon would be independent.

MAP statement on Charter change

The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) is considered as one of the premiere business organizations in the Philippines.

Necessary time in the belly of the whale

A few years ago a seminarian-student of mine shared his reluctance to being ordained to the priesthood the following year.

Thank God it’s Monday

I want you to be honest in answering me this question.

5 estate tax myths (and why death is not the fastest draw)

True, in the Tax Reform Act, it’s mainly tax increase, not tax reform.

Business opportunity

An investment program being launched next year for Japanese investors via an initial coin offering (ICO) promises a windfall for the Philippines in terms of real estate, tourism, renewable energy and organic farming developments.