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A blessedly bountiful 2012 to all

This is the time of the year where a good number of us are in a dilemma on whether we do it in moderation or eat and drink ourselves to oblivion. For obvious reasons, the latter is the wiser alternative than the former.  

Before we go joyfully ridiculous anticipating the arrival of the new year, let us ponder on the events that happened the past two weeks and remind ourselves that a good number of our brothers and sisters, in the midst of the holiest and happiest of all seasons, had tragedy and trauma as their celebration.

The Mindanao floods became deadlier with all the logs barrelling along with the rampaging waters. Legal or illegal loggers – what’s the difference? A cut tree is still a cut tree.  

The flashfloods we had here in Cebu last Monday did not bring logs. Our waterways were obstructed by garbage. We’re implementing garbage segregation, the “malata” and “dili malata” yet when the flood waters came, the garbage was “nagkalata”. And whose to blame? It’s our indifference and resistance to change.

Damage which could have been prevented has been done and hopefully, lessons had been learned. Meanwhile, let’s make do with what politicians do best in these circumstances – photo ops. 

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My sporting wishes for 2012:

* That the Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight will finally see light and settle once and for all the argument on who’s who between the two boxers and also satisfy the matchmakers’ greed for money.

*That the Pinoy Pride boxing series will continue to bring world-class fights to Cebu.

*That the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation continue to make waves in the international scene

* That the CESAFI will find consistency in their basketball officiating and the powers-that-be find rationality in their decisions.

*That the GUV Cup organizers will revert back to FIVB rules and be more thorough in screening player eligibility

*That UFL games also be held in the Visayas – Mindanao areas. There should be individuals and entities willing to sponsor a Visayas or Mindanao leg.

*That the Philippine Men’s National Football Team arrange with the mother clubs of the foreign-based players as to their schedules. The Azkals are in dire need of cohesion and fluidity in their executions. Once we achieve this, we can compete with the powerhouses of Asia.

*That the Philippines will have more Dan Palamis and Manny Pangilinans to support our national athletes.

*That Cebu will finally have a world-class venue that can host international sporting events. If Lapu-Lapu City can have their Hoops Dome, there’s no reason Cebu City or Cebu Province can’t have their own.

*That provincial, regional and national athletic meets be more attentive to the needs of athletes, re, scheduling, nutrition, accommodation, equipment and other logistics.   It is thru these athletic meets that we discover new talents and it is only proper that organizers show some concerns.

*That we may see more international teams showcase their skills and talents on local shores, read LA Galaxy.

*That Formula One racing may somehow find its way in Subic.

*That the POC, PSC and all the NSAs will finally get their acts together for the improvement and development of our athletes in particular and Philippine sports in general. Bury the hatchet, but not on each other’s back.

*That the summer cycling spectacle that was the Tour ng Pilipinas be revived and start somewhere in Mindanao, pass thru the Visayas and end in Luzon. It would be nice to see once again the sons of summer on the road.

*That fly-by-night running organizers be gone and banished from the running community.

*That I can finally run and finish my first 5K.

*That the promiscuous priest exercising his groin at the back of his church is an RH Bill supporter.

These are all wishes and I would be happy if just half of these will come true. Happy New Year everyone!

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