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Kaya vs Global ends in draw again

CEBU, Philippines – Kaya FC Makati held the host Global Cebu FC to a scoreless draw in the Philippine Football League the other night at the Cebu City Sports Center.

It was the second straight draw for the two teams after they also settled for a 2-all draw last July 4 at the University of Makati Stadium.

Global Cebu proved to be more aggressive as they had more goal attempts than the visiting team, but Kaya’s goal kepper Ref Cuaresma made an impressive performance in deflecting all of their opponents’ attacks.

“You can’t make mistake.Everyone is expecting too much, not only my team, but my family and friends,” said Cuaresma who was a former Southwestern University varsity player.

Global played without one of their most trusted players in Shu Sasaki. Global coach Akbar Nawas informed that Sasaki is on a transfer window.

It was Kaya who managed to sneak in a shot during the second half, but it was declared an offside by the referee which resulted in a protest from coach Noel Marcaida.

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“Every point matters for us. Even the bottom four teams are no pushovers,” said Marcaida.

Kaya remained at the second spot followed by Global Cebu. FC Meralco Manila is still the tournament –leader.  (FREEMAN)


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