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Cebuanos to see action in Capiz International triathlon

CEBU, Philippines - A bunch of Cebuano triathletes will try their luck in the first Capiz International Triathlon tomorrow in Roxas City.

The two-day event is split into Capiz Kids Triaksyon and standard action.

Leading the cast are multi-titled Kim Remolino and Karen Manayon who will compete in the sprint distance. Other young triathletes from Team Talisay City are joining the mini-sprint.

The Capiz triathlon is a good tune-up for both Remolino and Manayon who will be joining the Subic International Triathlon on April 29.

On Sunday, Jorry Ycong, Cianyl Gonzalez and Hazel Busa are set to strut their wares in the standard distance. (FREEMAN)

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