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They just can't let him go


Someone must really be fuming mad at Lance Armstrong.

If not, why is it that the same accusations that he doped when he won his 7 Tours, is back? This time it's the US Anti-Doping Agency that has filed a case against LA after the Federal investigation was closed a few months ago. Who's next to investigate LA, the Philippine Senate?If the famous investigator, Jeff Novitzky, who had the weight of the US Federal government behind him, the same guy who struck out Barry Bonds, couldn't hang Armstrong on doping charges, then the USDA can?

At this point, people who have been following the Armstrong saga had already made their opinions about this case. There are no fence sitters when it comes to LA and polarizing figure that he is. In our minds, he is either guilty, not guilty or he got away with it. I am and will always be a big fan of LA but I think he got away with it.

But does our opinion count on his guilt or innocence? Maybe, when we refuse to buy stuff related to Livestrong, or maybe not, when we still continue to find the sport of cycling exciting despite the new positive dope tests that crops up every now and then.

My point is, what's the point of all of this? That the guy, the most tested athlete who never tested positive, the guy who who has been retired for seven years (his comeback 3 years ago for me doesn't count here), is still the only current big fish that you have? The witnesses are still the same, the"I-saw-him-dope" witnesses who also for years about lied about their PED use before 'fessing up.

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I guess the main agenda in this case is a cover up for all the failure of the anti-doping agencies in their drive to clean up the sport. The tests, who they claim are more sensitive than the previous every time one comes out, are not what it is and are still full of holes despite the millions of euro's spent. And now, they could not justify its existence. They can't accept that their anti-doping plan doesn't work and all their pronouncements to the contrary seems hollow and foolish. What better way to drum up support for a unanimous loss than going for a haymaker?

Let me make this clear again, I think that LA didn't race clean just like most of the riders in his era. Some were caught cheating and paid the price while some got away with it. Remember that not all people accused of crimes are all criminals and not all people who were found not guilty of a crime are saints.

My only wish is for this case to be finished as soon as possible. If LA is guilty so be it. But if the USADA is wrong, then lets put this case on the archives. Let the people run their mouths on it in coffee shops, but once a decision is made, lets put this all to rest. - THE FREEMAN

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