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Cabando robbery group faces more charges

CEBU, Philippines - Finding probable cause, the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office indicted the alleged members of an Ozamis-based robbery group for having inflicted physical injuries to a roving teller of China Bank-Cebu Main Branch.

Prosecutor Mario Ley Gidayawan elevated the criminal case for robbery with physical injuries before the court against Junjun Cabando and three unidentified cohorts, all residents of Purok 1, Cogon, Ozamis City.

Gidayawan recommended P200,000 bail for their temporary liberty.

In his two-page resolution, Gidayawan cited the failure of the accused to file their respective counter-affidavits and other controverting evidence as basis for filing the complaint in court.

“The complaint is undisputed. Respondents are wanted fugitives after a failed daylight heist inside the Robinsons Mall at Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City, that left two security guards dead, a bank teller and two police officers wounded,” the resolution reads.

In the complaint filed by Lewin Kaye Surig, he stated that on September 5, 2011 he was assigned to deliver the money to one of their bank’s clients, a money changer located at the ground floor of the said mall.

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However, while going to the basement, armed persons blocked their way and pointed a gun at him. While he was trying to move away, Surig was shot and he fell on the floor, wounded in the thigh.

Surig added the money was taken away by the accused and he heard more shots.

Despite his wound he contacted his supervisor using his cellphone and told him what had happened. Several minutes later he was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Gidayawan stated that based on the foregoing facts, he found sufficient evidence to hold accused for trial.

“Complainant positively identified Junjun Cabando as the person who shot him in the leg then took the bag of money. The injuries sustained by the former are supported with a medical certificate,” the resolution reads.

Earlier, Prosecutor Rodulph Joseph Val Carrillo charged the accused for robbery with homicide, a non-bailable offense for the death of security guard Etac and Odag.

Carrillo elevated the charges against the respondents in court after they failed to submit their counter-affidavits to controvert the allegations against them. — (FREEMAN)

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