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Benedicto College Technical Vocational School putting skilled hands to work

CEBU, Philippines - Putting skilled hands to work as the world shifts to a service-oriented economy is the main thrust of the Benedicto College Technical Vocational School in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City.

 Employment opportunities in the service-oriented sector, both here and abroad, have consistently grown over the past several years. To tap these opportunities, the school offers a wide range of career choices for its students.

Recognizing everyday demands for time to be pressing, BCTVS offers flexible class schedules to meet individual needs, without sacrificing new and modern methods of instruction that are at par with the best in the world.

 The parity with global standards is essential to enable BCTVS graduates to be familiar with international working environments that are the primary destinations of choice of those taking up vocational and technical courses.

BCTVS courses conform to the government’s K+12 program in that tech-voc training is the best tool to provide graduates with the right employable skills even if they do not pursue college degrees.

This skills-based training is the best fallback from a college degree, which owner and founder Francisco L. Benedicto conceptualized to help the country cope with its underemployment and unemployment problems.

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One advantage of BCTVS is that Benedicto has more than 20 years experience as Philippine ambassador to such countries as Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, India and China, among others, and has observed first hand the best practices in vocational and technical training available in these countries and which he has caused to be adopted by his school.

All the courses offered by BCTVS are accredited by TESDA. These are: Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC I and NC II; Plumbing NC I; Housekeeping NC II; Food and Beverage Services NC II; Commercial Cooking NC II; Bartending NC II; Household Services NC II; and Automotive Servicing NC I and NC II.

These courses are available at very affordable training fees, and through scholarship grants funded by congressional PDAF, as well as by TESDA and OWWA for qualified applicants. Career certificates are earned after each course.

Training is provided by the best experts in their respective fields, using modern and up-to-date equipment and facilities, all of which replicate the very same working environments that the graduates will experience upon employment. BCTVS also helps facilitate employment upon graduation, thus making the partnership between school and student a wholesome start-to-finish experience. (PR)(FREEMAN)

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