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PhilPost CV and EV regional offices merged

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines – The Philippine Postal Corporation has merged its Central Visayas and Eastern Visayas regional offices into one and now called as the CEV Region.

PhilPost-Tacloban head Cino Oscar Espos made this announcement during a media forum saying that the new region office will be headed by an area director, Robert Mondonedo.

Espos said the merger, following Executive Order 366’s rationalization program, would ensure better and faster postal services.

The EO reads that in the midst of challenges facing the public sector such as globalization, increasing demographic pressures and scarce resources, the government has to define its proper role in society, focus its efforts on its core governance functions and improve its performance on the same.

The EO added that to attain improved government performance, there is a need to institute reforms that would transform the bureaucracy into an efficient and results-oriented structure.

PhilPost’s rationalization program will also mean some changes in the number of the workforce.

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“Some of the employees would choose to be separated from the office, and they will be given good incentives,” he said.

Espos said it is not yet clear on how many would be affected by the merger because it is the Department of Budget and Management that approves the rationalization and the number of personnel needed for the new office.

PhilPost-CEV information officer Rachel Betos said that instead of 13 PhilPost regional offices, with the merger of some regional offices into one, there are now nine regional areas.

PhilPost is a government-owned and -controlled corporation responsible for providing postal services in the country. It has an estimated 13,800 employees and runs more than 2,000 post offices nationwide. – (FREEMAN)

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