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If cops want Del Mar to ask for gun parts

CEBU, Philippines - Former Cebu City Representative Raul Del Mar has volunteered to request the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to donate the P400,000 worth of gun spare parts confiscated last week if the city police would want the same.

Del Mar said he already informed Cebu Customs District Collector Ronnie Silvestre about his plan, although nothing is formal just yet.

He said he will wait for a copy of the formal inventory of the confiscated gun spare parts and for Cebu City police officials to evaluate whether they can use the same.

“Before I will make such request, I would need to secure first an inventory of the total seized spare parts and if the police has any need of that specific kind of spare parts I will work for it, and also to find out what are the policies of the Customs on this matter,” Del Mar said.

Among the items confiscated were 1,080 pieces of parts for M16 Armalite rifle, 294 pieces of empty shells with primers, 100 pcs of leads for 9mm gun, 100 pcs of leads for .45 caliber pistol, 997 pcs of leads for .30 caliber rifle and 10 pcs butt stock.

The gun spare parts were part of the P3.5 million-worth of smuggled properties that arrived here from the United States, including big motorcycles, which were illegally shipped here inside in a 40-footer container van and was declared only as household personal effects.

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Silvestre, for his part, said once he will receive Del Mar’s request he will immediately forward the same to Customs Commissioner Raffy Biazon for further action.

Silvestre said the registered consignee of the smuggled products, Renato Ramos of 1513 J. Rizal St., Cebu City did not show up, which prompted Customs officials to believe that such name was fabricated.

In order to mislead authorities, the gun spare parts for M16, M14 and AK 47 rifles were brought first to Hong Kong from the United States before it was shipped to Cebu.

Aside from the gun parts, six dismantled big bikes and some personal effects like chairs, sofas, toys, picture frames, wall decors, and stuffed toys were also placed inside the van.

Silvestre said the importation of used motorcycles is also prohibited that is why he instructed the Customs legal personnel to prepare specific charges to be filed against the consignee and its broker, Rubio Brokerage.

Silvestre said he also alerted his personnel about reports that more people would try to smuggle in valuables as the Christmas season approaches. — (FREEMAN)

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