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Early detection brings down mortality rate

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu City health officials will intensify its public information campaign on how to fight dengue noting that early detection is the most effective way to minimize deaths.

City Health officer Stella Ygoña said they have proven it last year when they were able to bring down the number of fatalities to 22 from 37 in 2009 despite the 3,172 dengue cases recorded.

“The early case detection that had been implemented plays a major role in the prevention of unnecessary death,” Ygoña said.

According to Ygoña, the city through the city health department will continue to actively implement measures to prevent the occurrence of any disease and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Durinda Macasocol, assistant chief of the City Epidemiology Surveillance and Statistics Unit, said that out of the 80 barangays in Cebu City only Mabini and Paril did not report any dengue cases last year.

Barangays Guadalupe, Labangon, Tisa, Talamban, Mambaling and Punta Princesa have the highest number of dengue cases last year, but Macasocol said Malubog has the highest incidence rate among all the barangays in the city.

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The statistics show that while Malubog only has 2,030 population there were 20 dengue cases reported from that barangay or 9.8 percent of its population have been afflicted with dengue.

This year the city health department recorded one fatality so far, a three year old girl from Barangay Talamban. (FREEMAN)

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