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Five companies put under PAG-IBIG watchlist

CEBU, Philippines – Five manpower and security agencies have been placed by Home Mutual Development Fund in Cebu City under its watchlist for failure to remit the monthly contributions of the employees.

Lawyer Leonard Elacion of the HMDF or Pag-Ibig Cebu said these five companies, whose names he refused to divulge, reportedly did not remit the monthly contributions of their employees.

Elacion warned these companies of possible criminal charges for ignoring their obligation.

Elacion said that every year, their branch is filing at least 20 cases against employers due to non-remittance and the perennial violators are security agencies and manpower agencies and even those who are engaged into spa business.

For this year, they have filed one case so far against a manpower agency for failure to remit the P3.7 million monthly contribution of its 2,000 employees.

As soon as the case is filed the subject companies will be charged one percent surcharge of the total unremitted amount aside from the reimbursement of the filing fee in court.

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"Usually they pay once they receive the subpoena from the court. But we are calling all employers to remit monthly contributions to PAG-IBIG to avoid paying penalties," Elacion said.

Philip Simon Basquez, HMDFchief of Enforcement Section said that they usually conduct inspections of establishments and examined books of account to determine whether these establishments are compliant of its obligation to PAG-IBIG.

"We usually conduct surprise inspection especially there are complaints against an establishment. Those who complained will be treated as confidential," Basquez said during the Association of Government Information forum yesterday.

Republic Act No. 9679, or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009, made mandatory the membership to the fund for all employees regardless of status of employment or nature of appointment.

The said coverage took effect last January 1, 2010.

Under the said law, employers are directed to deduct the employees monthly membership contributions from their salary and remit the same to the Fund together with the employer's counterpart.

PAG-IBIG-Cebu City Branch reported that as of June 2010, they already have a membership level of 303,838 or already 92 percent from its 331,466 target for the year.

It added that they have already released a total of P742,684,000 for multi-purpose and calamity loans.

For its housing loan program, they have released a total loan amount of P595,213,000 for 715 borrowers.

PAG-IBIG intends to release a total loan amount of P1,348,205,000.00 at the end of the year. (THE FREEMAN)

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