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Provincial Board alarmed by sprouting water refilling stations

CEBU, Philippines - The Cebu Provincial Board has been alarmed by the increasing number of water refilling stations in the province, airing the need to regulate the selling of drinking water to the public.

Board Member Victor Maambong said PB should invite regional officials of the Department of Health to discuss the matter.

Maambong said that he would suggest to the PB to invite Evangeline Canoneo, environmental health coordinator of the DOH-7, to brief the members of the board of the actions they initiated.

According to Maambong, the PB should be informed about the non-implementation of DOH Administrative Order 2007-0012, which mandated the creation of Local Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Committee by the local government unit and the water district.

Maambong said the DOH, through Administrative Order 20070012, ordered the establishment of local drinking water quality monitoring committee by the LGUs and their respective water districts.

However, the order has yet to be implemented.

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Maambong said that public health depends on the availability and supply of clean, potable water.

He said the PB wants to know the action of DOH, especially in its monitoring on compliance with existing laws by water refilling stations.

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