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3,310 teachers needed in Census 2010

CEBU, Philippines - The National Statistics Office announces of its “dire need” for 3,310 personnel of the Department of Education to assist in the conduct of a census on population and housing beginning May 17 until June 14.

In its goal of obtaining comprehensive data on the size of the population of the Philippines, on its composition in terms of age, sex, and marital status and geographic distribution, the NSO would want to tap over 3,000 DepEd personnel to serve as census area supervisors, team supervisors and enumerators.

Of this, a total of 795 field enumerators will be tasked to obtain the needed data to successfully carry out the census.

Teachers will get P13,000 or more during the duration of the census, this according to provincial statistics officer Firmo Diputado during the Association of Government Information Officers-7 forum.

NSO will be utilizing the expertise of teachers in gathering data because it has “high confidence that teachers can deliver above par”. However, the census would happen a week after the May 10 polls to give enough time for teachers to take a rest.

DepEd and NSO officials inked a memorandum of agreement to ensure that teachers would be compensated properly and would earn leave credits while serving.

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The public is urged to extend assistance in the conduct of the census by providing true, honest and accurate information to the enumerators to achieve the required data as well as the target date of completion.

The census is very important as it provides government planners, policymakers, and administrators with data on which to base their social and economic development plans and programs; as well as in the creation of political and administrative units within the context of the Local Government Code of 1991.

According to official data gathered in August 2007, or in the last census, total Philippine population already reached 88.57 million. — Johanna T. Natavio/MEEV (THE FREEMAN)

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