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Lover admits killing spinster in Ronda

CEBU, Philippines - A man who claimed to be the lover of that elderly unmarried woman found dead last Sunday evening in Ronda owned up to the killing before the police.

Amerusphil Entera, 35 years old, of barangay Palanas in Ronda town confessed during the interrogation that he killed his girlfriend, Lorna Ricamora, 57, out of rage.

Chief Insp. Anuario Sario, chief of the Ronda Police Station, told reporters yesterday that they invited Entera to an interrogation last Thursday afternoon. The suspect later “trembled in fear” and “eventually owned up to the slaying of Ricamora.”

Sario said that Entera, married, admitted he and Ricamora were lovers.

That Sunday, Entera and Ricamora allegedly agreed to meet at the house the woman was a caretaker of. Entera also reportedly admitted he was drunk at that time, and indeed went to her house where a heated argument later ensued between them allegedly because Ricamora started enumerating the good things she had done to Entera without being reciprocated.

Irked by what he heard, Entera then cupped the mouth of the woman with his hand purportedly to stop her from further trash talk. But because he had also covered her nose, in the process, the woman passed out. He then let go of Ricamora when he noticed that the woman was not breathing anymore.

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Entera also admitted hitting Ricamora’s genitals with a screwdriver he found inside the house during the verbal tussle, but he denied assumptions that he raped the victim.

Sario said the autopsy conducted by the Scene of the Crime Operatives confirmed Entera’s statement that the victim was not raped. The stab wound was also not fatal, the report showed. — Niña G. Sumacot/MEEV   (FREEMAN NEWS)


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