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SRP briefing for Sonny set this week

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu City Hall officials are now ready to give former senator John Henry “Sonny” Osmena a briefing on the South Road Properties.

SRP manager Nagiel Bañacia said that they can give the briefing to Sonny either tomorrow or on Tuesday depending on the availability of their time.

Sonny said that he will definitely cancel all his appointments if the city officials will tell him about the date of the briefing.

The former senator had asked Bañacia and city administrator Francisco Fernandez to be the ones to brief him about the development of the SRP.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña granted the request of his estranged cousin even if he knows that Sonny will only attack the 290-hectare reclaimed property.

But Bañacia said that aside from him and Fernandez, they also requested the city treasurer, city planning officer and some engineers who then supervised the project to go with them.

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“Kay naa man goy ubang transaction diha kaniadto nga dili ko katubag mao na nga ato silang paubanon,” Bañacia said.

The former senator disclosed that he will ask so many questions to the city officials from the beginning of the reclamation to the present situation.

“Daghan kaayo ta og giandam nga mga pangutana nila, from A to Z manghinaut lang ko nga ilang mahatagan og tubag,” he said.

He, however, refused to reveal some of his probable questions but he will “definitely wring” the city officials about the said project.

The reclamation project was undertaken by the city using a P12.292-billion-yen loan from the Japan Bank of International Cooperation made in 1995.

On the other hand, Bañacia is confident that they can answer all the queries of the former senator for his information and satisfaction.

The SRP manager said that the briefing will be presented at the Sugbu building in SRP so that Sonny can also take a glance of the project.

Sonny wrote the mayor last October 23 requesting for a briefing on the SRP, after the latter announced that he is open to a possible reconciliation with his estranged cousin.

The two Osmeñas are at odds and, at several times, have been engaged in a verbal tussle since the undertaking of the said reclamation project. — Elly Bolonos/MEEV   (FREEMAN NEWS)

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