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City to dredge creek in Lorega

CEBU, Philippines - The city has agreed to dredge a creek that cuts through barangay Lorega- San Miguel to minimize flooding in the barangay but Vice Mayor Michael Rama said owners of a building that is undergoing construction should help implement the project.

Rama said the ongoing construction of a building intended as a funeral parlor allegedly had aggravated the problem.

Dredging is an excavation activity or operation usually carried out - at least partly underwater- in shallow seas or fresh water areas to gather and dispose bottom sediments.

Rama said residents of the area near sitio Kawayanan have since complained that flooding had worsened at their place after the Saint Peter Memorial Chapel started constructing its building.

The funeral parlor had constructed a high wall from Imus Road towards the creek reportedly without a drainage system, thus, rainwater would gather therein during a downpour.

Victor Tancinco, vice president for Visayas operations of Saint Peter Memorial Chapel, believes that once dredging is completed, flooding in the area will be minimized. He assured the city that a drainage system will be put in place so that rainwater will flow directly into the creek.

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“Wala dayon kami magbutang ug drainage system paingon sa sapa kay kon muawas ang tubig kun kusog ang uwan, ang tubig gikan sa sapa mupaingon na hinoon sa kabalayan,” Tancinco explained.

Zapatera barangay councilman Jinggoy Reformina is also helping the affected families, since some of them are voters of his barangay. – Rene U. Borromeo/JMO (THE FREEMAN)

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