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Guardo: SRP becoming an Osmeña "enterprise"

CEBU, Philippines – The South Road Properties is now becoming a family enterprise of the Osmeñas.

This was the comment of opposition leader Jonathan Guardo on Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s plan to run for the congressional seat of the South District.

Osmeña made it known to the public, he doesn’t want just anyone to be South District representative since he considers the south a “danger zone” and the SRP is there.

Osmeña said choices for representative, if not Vice Mayor Michael Rama are his sister Ma. Victoria or “Minnie”, wife Margarita, or himself.

“Mao. Ila nang gihimo nga family enterprise ang SRP. It’s called Osmeña Incorporated. Minnie, Margot and Tommy will run to cling to power,” Guardo said.

The mayor’s announce-ment, Guardo said, is contrary to his earlier statement that he prefers younger people in the Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan.

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“Abi nako he will give way to young blood in BO-PK? It’s unfair for (Gerardo) Carillo and (Rodrigo) Bebot (Abellanosa) who invested time and money hoping to get the mayor’s endorsements,” Guardo said.

The 350-hectare multi-billion SRP is considered as Osmeña’s “baby” and seen as an economic stimulus not only for Cebu but also for the entire country.

Rama is determined to run for mayor next year while Osmeña’s sister Minnie wants to run for South District represen-tative, but her running awaits the final say of the mayor.

Guardo has long been visible to the constituents of the south with his pauper’s free burial, medicines and sports activities.

Meanwhile, former senator John Osmeña suggested Minnie should run for the gubernatorial post against Governor Gwendolyn Garcia so as to repeat history.

In an e-mail sent to a radio station, John Osmeña said during the time of his father Sergio Osmeña Sr., former governor Manuel Cuenco was so powerful and had the support of the mayors in the province.

But he was defeated by Sergio Sr. then.

Now that the Garcias are in power and have the support of the Mayors in the province, Minnie should prove that the Osmeñas are powerful and then history will be repeated. – Ferliza C. Contratista/BRP (THE FREEMAN)

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