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ADB grants P40 million for landfill facility study

CEBU, Philippines - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved the request of the Cebu City government for funds for the pre-feasibility study for a waste to energy facility at the controversial landfill in Barangay Inayawan.

ADB appropriated at least $808,912 or an estimated P40 million for the study.

Councilor Nida Cabrera, chief of the Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office, said the pre-feasibility study is expected to start within the month but ADB is yet to hire a consultant to lead the study.

The consultant will review the broad economic, legal, technical, social, and environmental parameters of the project.

The consultant is also expected to assess how best to provide Solid Waste Management services to the population of the city and prepare estimates of the optimal capacity of the project’s various SWM facilities, estimates of capital expenditure required, and estimates of associated revenues and operating costs.

The consultant’s other functions include examining how power generated by the waste incinerator could be sold to the local Visayan Electric Company and opine on the expressions of the interest received by the city to map out other potential private sector entities interested in the project and among others.

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Cabrera said the pre-feasibility study would take at least three months and an additional six months for the final study.

“Ang study lang, it’s a grant unya kun naay mga proponent, we need directions of the study… that’s the time nga makita sa city unsay dapat buhaton kay dili man gud mi mo kompiyansa. This is the first project gi-handle sa city… not only sa city kundi tibuok Pilipinas…WTE gani sa Quezon City it’s the same they’re assisted by ADB, they’re assisted by PPP unya naay mga comments so until now wala pa nag-start so mao sad gihapon buhaton sa city,” Cabrera said.

The city tapped the ADB for the pre-feasibility study because the bank is an expert in public-private partnerships, which will be the nature of the waste to energy facility. The city will provide the lot and a private firm will build the facility.

Right now, the Solid Waste Management Board is reviewing proposals from eight firms that want to establish the waste to energy facility.

The board is composed of representatives from the Office of the Mayor, the City Council’s committee on environment, academe, people’s organization in Barangay Inayawan, Department of Science and Technology, City Planning Office, City Health Office, and City Agriculture Office.

The waste to energy facility is expected to occupy at least one to two hectares of land at the landfill.

The city is also eyeing at making the facility viable economically by opening it to other local government units that can pay to have their trash processed there.

The establishment of the facility at the landfill is part of the city’s commitment to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Court of Appeals to rehabilitate the landfill. — /JMO (FREEMAN)

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