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Court asked: Deny Lim’s travel

CEBU, Philippines - There's no compelling reason for road rage shooting suspect David Lim Jr. to be allowed to travel abroad.

This was the contention of the prosecution panel in asking the court to deny Lim’s motion.

Lim, 28, was charged for frustrated homicide and illegal possession of ammunition for allegedly shooting nurse Ephraim Nuñal, 33, during their confrontation last March 19 on F. Sotto Drive, Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City.

The incident left Nuñal wounded in his ankle and thigh.

Lim, who is currently out on bail, recently asked the court that he be allowed to travel abroad for three weeks with his family.

In his motion, he said his family already planned and booked for a cruise tour in the United States and Canada in 2016 yet, when he was still not involved in the cases.

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Lim cited three grounds to justify his motion: first, that he is not a threat to national security, public safety or public health; second, that there is no hold departure order; and third, that he is not a flight risk.

But Nuñal’s camp, through lawyer Mundlyn Misal-Martin, wanted Lim’s motion denied, contending that the latter failed to establish the urgency of the trip.

“If accused is allowed to leave the Philippines without sufficient reason, it could place him beyond the reach of the courts… A perusal over his motion would only suggest that the travel was only at will and for pleasure,” Nuñal’s comment read.

Nuñal said that while Lim was able to post bail for the two cases, conditions such as making himself available at all times whenever the court requires his presence still hold.

In fact, he said, Lim has not been arraigned due to his omnibus motion to refer the case for preliminary investigation and suspend proceedings filed before the court which is still pending for an order.

Nuñal further said Lim has the capacity to stay abroad considering his “status” in life.

“Thus, taking into account accused’s power, money, and influence will show his capacity to stay abroad for good. The amount of bail he posted for the two cases is negligible compared to the financial capacity of the accused and his family,” the comment read. (FREEMAN)

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