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Liloan inmates use trash to trick cop, escape jail

CEBU, Philippines - Two detainees of the Liloan Police Station bolted out of prison while pretending to throw their garbage to the bin outside the detention cell Sunday afternoon.

But one of the escapees, Andrew Ocon, was not lucky enough as he was recaptured yesterday afternoon in Barangay Cabadiangan in Compostela town, roughly 12.5 kilometers from Liloan, in a hot pursuit operation.

The other escapee, Peter John Paradillo Marquez, is still at large, according to Police Officer 2 Albert Comeros of Liloan Police Station.

Recovered from Ocon’s possession was a .9 mm pistol, a service firearm he took from Police Officer 2 Eric Pintoy when he fled.

Based on the result of the investigation, both detainees asked Pintoy, the officer on duty at that time, to allow them to dispose of their garbage at around 6 p.m. Sunday.

Pintoy heeded and brought the bin closer to the cell but when he opened the door, Marquez abruptly grabbed and held the police officer’s hands.

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Ocon escaped first and took with him Pintoy’s service firearm.

“Mihangyo sila nga naay ipagawas nga basura. Pag-abli sa jailer, gigunitan ni Marquez si Ocon gikuha ang service firearm ni Pintoy. Natumba gyud siya (Pintoy) nagka-inilogay,” Comeros said.

During the commotion, Comeros said other two detainees tried to escape but failed.

“Ang duha nagunitan sa laing police gibalik dayon sa sulod,”he said.

Comeros said Ocon is still under investigation.

He said the overcrowded facility might be one of the reasons why Ocon and Marquez escaped. The facility is currently accommodating 99 prisoners, exceeding its 30 capacity.

“Usa sad na sa atoang gitan-aw ron. Huot sad ang selda gud. 20 to 30 ra gyud ka tawo ang masigo. Nya and detainees ron kay 99,” he said.

Ocon and Marquez are both facing complaints for violation of the Republic Act 9165 or Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

Ocon was arrested on September 14, 2016 while Marquez was apprehended on October 5, 2016. They were detained at the station’s holding cell since last year. (FREEMAN)

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