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Drug addiction common symptoms leading to relapse

CEBU, Philippines -  In recovery from Addiction it is important to be aware of the symptoms that can lead a person to relapse. These behaviors or ways of thinking have proven to have harmful effects and consequences on the maintenance of the recovery process. It is suggested that you remain mindful of these symptoms in caring for yourself.

1.Dishonesty: This begins a pattern of unnecessary little lies and deceits with fellow workers, friends, and family. The next step is you start lying to yourself. This is called rationalization- making excuses for not doing what you know you need to do, or pretending to do other things in lieu of what really needs to be done.

2.Impatience: You feel like things are not happening fast enough. Or others are not doing what you want them to do, in the way you want them to do it. Remember, using drugs or alcohol is about immediate gratification. Recovery is about being patient and honestly trusting the process.

3.Argumentative: Arguing small and ridiculous points of view indicates a need to always be right. “Why don’t you be reasonable and agree with me?” Ask yourself “Do I always have to be right, and possibly alone?” Look at why you provoke arguments. Could it be you are setting up a justification in order to relapse!

4.It won’t happen to me, syndrome: This is very dangerous thinking. Almost anything can happen to you if you get careless in your recovery. Remember, you have a progressive disease, and if you start using or drinking again, you start up where you left off when you quit.

5.Cockiness: So, you think you’ve got it made. You no longer fear your addiction. You start testing yourself, trying to prove to yourself and other that the problem is fixed, cured, or went away. Do this often enough and it will wear down your defenses. Before you know it you are using just a little on weekends, and then during the week. You know the pattern…

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6.Complacency: It is very dangerous to let up on all the disciplines that have been structuring you recovery. When you get complacent and start taking your recovery for granted you are setting yourself up for the fall. It is always better to have a little fear about relapsing than no fear at all.

7.Expectations: “I have changed, why hasn’t everyone else?” It is always a plus if they do although it is still your recovery even if they choose not to change. People may not accept you yet, and may still be looking for further proof that you can stay clean and sober. It is not wise to expect others to change their lifestyle and attitude just because you have decided to make a life-saving change.

Remember: Be careful with yourself. Life will be less stressful and more enjoyable if you are ware of these relapse triggers and have learned skills how to deal with them in a healthy manner. For more information please feel free to contact us at 032-2315229 or 032-2389143 or 09189379851. (THE FREEMAN)

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