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SHUNYATA: Your New Destination in the City!

CEBU, Philippines - Who would have thought that amidst the bustling city is a haven for relaxation? Along M. Logarta Street, just behind the Subangdaku fly over, is Shunyata Spa, a secluded retreat destination for urban dwellers who crave for a time of tranquillity and rejuvenation, without having to leave city limits.

However, unlike most spas in the city, Shunyata is not inside a commercial complex where hordes of people flurry about. Shunyata is located in a well-guarded compound filled with greenery, and thus it offers something that is a rarity in others – complete privacy, peace of mind, and Zen.

With all the stress and pollution that we encounter everyday, it is only necessary that we take time off to recharge ourselves. What’s a better way than to go for massage? Or spend an hour in the sauna? Shunyata Spa aims to provide a venue where people can truly heal and reconnect with their essential, spiritual self in order to be more productive individuals

They offer different kinds of body massages such as the Hot Stone massage, Sports Remedial massage, and etc. All of which are specially designed to effectively invigorate a person’s tired body.

Shunyata’s manager, Lorraine Lim, who is a licensed massage therapist, took part in crafting their signature Therapeutic Massage. It is a fusion of hilot, shiatsu, and Thai. Their therapeutic massage targets to enhance lymphatic circulation, which is beneficial to the body’s immune system and the elimination of waste products. It also relaxes muscles and aids in digestion. Furthermore, Shunyata is very particular in using organic items and so they only use virgin coconut oil in their services.

Shunyata also provides services for Shiatsu. In a Shiatsu session, the therapist uses pressure with thumbs, fingers, palms, and sometimes, elbows, knees, and feet. The massage technique has the unique ability to treat and diagnose at the same time. Shiatsu can heal physical tension and body pains, as well as improve breathing, posture, and circulation. 

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Another highlight of Shunyata Spa is their Far Infrared Sauna that uses heat energy to detoxify the body. Our constant exposure to exhausts, fumes, and radiation is enough reason for us to try this body cleansing experience. Plus, it’s safe for everyone! People with hypertension are usually advised not to go to steamed saunas because of its high temperature, but that’s not the case with this. Far Infrared Sauna is not only tolerable for their condition, but it also removes underlying chemical triggers of chronic heart failure. Shunyata boasts that so far, no patients have complained of shortness of breath, chest pain, and excess heat while inside the sauna.

It feels like you’re in a different place once your in this health sanctuary, when in fact, you’re only just a few kilometers away from your home. For an hour or two, let go of the busy city lifestyle and enjoy Shunyata’s services in the midst of their quiet, safe, and clean environment. After which, you can head over to their snack shop and choose from their variety of healthy teas – the perfect end to your relaxing break. So reward yourself by going to Shunyata Spa & Retreat!

(Shunyata is open daily from 2:00 P.M. until 12 midnight. It is located in Landmark Plaza, Wireless, Mandaue City. You can call them at 422-6688.)  

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