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WADE: Perfect gifts for your feet

The average girl probably does not own nearly as many shoes as Carrie Bradshaw — or even Sarah Jessica Parker and Imelda Marcos, for that matter. But ladies, we do love to have a good pair of accessories for the feet, don’t we? This season, step up and prepare to dazzle with Wade’s provocative new roster of shoes, bags and accessories with bigger, more opinionated statement than ever.

Everyone knows that shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit. Championing young and talented local female designers who are making their own names, Wade partnered with MEGA Magazine’s Top 10 Women to Watch for 2009   Jona Ballaran and Sydney-based designer Pia Gladys Perey for the clothes used in the brand’s holiday ad campaign, which added stylish oomph to the already chic shoe collection.

Walk with statement, walk with Wade. Step into style with this season’s most prevalent footwear trend: the peep toes. What Wade has done for fall is a narrower peep toe (in pumps or flats), so you can still wear a tight underneath to stay warm and you’ll just have a little tight showing.

Reminiscent of the 1980s, colored pumps are hot. Adding shocks of color is a very popular trend for this fall, so Wade’s colored pumps may be something you want to explore. On the other hand, a kitten or stiletto heeled pump is great for any wardrobe; not only are they in style, but also they’re totally practical for work or just out and about. Mixing it up with contrasting colors this season is a hot way to make your pumps stand out. Look for a pair with a different colored heel or even better, a strip of mirrored gold or silver right around the base of the heel.

Holiday season is also about rich, decadent colors. Score high in style meter in this year’s hottest colors: plum to purple shades. Check out Wade’s version of violet perspecs pumps and purple satin-heeled sandals that go well with a gold-chained bag. Speaking of gold, glam up your party attire with metallic shoes and bags. Better yet, truthfully imbibe the Yuletide spirit by combining fiery red and flashy gold pieces.

For the girls, heeled maryjanes are also adding up in the wish list. Moreover, colorful ballet flats are still hot, black and white patent wedges are a great choice and sky high strappy sandals are great for evening wear.

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Wade is located 2nd Level SM City Cebu North Wing.

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