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Living the grand life

Of all the terms you might apply to Hilton Cebu Resort and Spa, one of the most appropriate is "comprehensive". The pink triple towers located at the tip of the island of Mactan has 246 stylishly well-appointed rooms, a beautiful white sand beach, as well as a free form swimming pool. Other facilities include a Marina, tennis court, aqua sports, diving facilities, as well as a state of the art fitness center and oh yes, a spa.

The Spa is home to seven Zen-inspired therapy rooms all located within a tropical landscaped garden. With a wide range of treatments available a la carte, the spa concentrates on relaxation and revitalization. The signature treatment called Mactan massage, which was created by Hilton's consultant Simon Littlewood, involves gentle spa therapists exfoliating the stresses, relieve sore muscles and aching joints. And incidentally, the spa at Hilton Cebu is the first in Southeast Asia to use Decleor products for well being treatments. Guests can likewise indulge in the Aqualibrium treatment, a variety of relaxing, stimulating aromatherapy, bath salts and essential oils to stimulate the mind, body and soul right in the comfort of their own suites.

The unforgettable experience does not end there. You will never tire of the gastronomic delights at Manny O's Wine and Tapas, perched above the sea at the tip of the beautifully lit romantic paseo. Partake of sumptuous aperitivos in the balmy open-air vista with a windswept al fresco deck and roof-to-ceiling bay windows.

Manny Osmeña, the person within the brand, chairman and owner of Goldland Philippines, takes pride in the outstanding quality of its cuisine. The selection itself offers a fine balance and some interesting variations on traditional themes.

It is no wonder then that diplomats, gourmands and lovers of the good life find themselves indulging their taste buds with delectable Asian and Western cuisine before a nightcap at the Pink Lobby Lounge Bar.

Isn't life just grand?

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