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The Freeman’s “Paskong Pinoy”

For all the years we have been with this prestigious newspaper, The Freeman, this year’s Christmas celebration was the most meaningful, warm with sharing and with love.

The day started with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by our dear friend Msgr. Joselito Tajanlangit at the newly-inaugurated Inday Pining Building where at the 4th floor is the beautiful auditorium, attended by our beloved Chairman Jose “Dodong” R. Gullas and his lovely wife Mrs. Nena Gullas, all the officers of the newspapers and hundreds of the employees.

After sundown, the more than 400 Freeman loyals trooped to the 4th floor of the Philippine Star Bldg. where the Christmas celebration was held. O yes, dinner and program were the order of the evening. With the theme “Paskong Pinoy” authored by our indefatigable general manager Melandro “Bhoy” Mendoza, the affair was a most hilarious and enjoyable one. Practically, everybody donned on their best colorful Filipino outfits.

Dinner over, the program started, and hosted by two wonderful emcees Yuri and Jaypee Lao, who tickled the audience pink with their antics. Games and raffles were also part of the program, with fantastic prizes galore.

When the evening’s Christmas shindig was about to end, everybody was so excited upon knowing that all will be going home with a gift from The Freeman… a box filled with groceries plus an envelope. Wow!

To our Chairman Dodong Gullas and President Miguel Belmonte : “Thank you for the magnanimous generosity, sharing and love!” God bless us all!

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