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Reds and whites on that Beautiful Night

CEBU, Philippines — Couturier extraordinare Cary Santiago designed a pearl-toned Venus-cut long gowns for the Evening Gown Competition of the Binibining Cebu Coronation Night on Saturday, October 28.

Bereft of details like intricate appliqués and embellishments, the designer specially made the long gowns for the competition – simple but aesthetically enthralling pieces that, as the designer puts it, complements the form and accentuates the physique of the wearer.

Talking to members of the press after the competition, Santiago shared that the pieces was made with the intention to shine without outshining the wearer, something which the gowns effectively accomplished.

Apart from Santiago’s designs, the creations of Kymberly Maitland-Smith of the Cebu-established SOLTI Activewear brand were also featured in the Coronation Night’s Swimsuit Competition.

Sexy but not too showy, the crimson-toned one-piece suits were tailored with low backs and high hiplines – design elements that flattered the female figure.

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