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Animal Farm Folk Shui 101

Summer is here! For many Filipinos, it’s usually vacation time to the hometown farm of the family or relatives. So let’s tackle the basics of farm feng shui.

What makes a lucky farm? It depends on the owner. And the landscape too. And the animals domesticated in it.

This topic is inspired by my consultation with client Annie, a Maranaw now farming up in the rice lands of Talavera, Nueva Ecija.

If you are a Rat sign like Annie, never have horse or horse figurines and horse images in your farmhouse, farm lot or properties. It will bring you bad luck like her, who recently lost around 10 hectares due to residual land-reform claims!

And if you are an Earth element too, it is not advisable to engage in aqua-farming like having fishponds or irrigation business ventures. Water erodes the wealth and health of earth sign personalities in feng shui.

Having a carabao or ox is lucky for a Rat. And Annie being an Earth person, agriculture and agribusiness are lucky for her to pursue; no wonder she is too happy to be a lady farmer!

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Here are the rest of the rules for farming thumbs in the Chinese zodiacs:

Rat-No horses; best with oxen, cattle, carabao domesticated animals.

Ox-No sheep and goat please! Best with chicken, even snakes.

Tiger-Never have monkey! Not even a farmhand born in the monkey year. Best with dog and rabbit.

Rabbit-No to chickens and roosters, especially fighting cocks! Best with dog and, yes, tiger if possible!

Dragon-No to dogs. Best with rooster, chickens.

Snake-No to pigs. Best with rooster, chickens, ox, carabao, cows!

Horse-No to horse, mice or rat even guinea pig.Best with sheep, goat, dog, pig.

Sheep-No to ox, cattle, carabao. Best with chicken, roosters! Pig too is lucky.

Monkey-No to tigers. Best with horse, rooster, chicken, sheep, goat!

Rooster-No to rabbits. Best with arowana or dragonfish aquafarm or aquarium or pond. Sheep, goat and ox, cattle, carabao too!

Dog-No to any dragon fruits! Best with sheep or goat, or rabbit too.

Pig-No to any snake. Best with goat, sheep, horse, carabao, ox, cattle.

Also if you want to keep the same sign, make sure it’s three at least, or more: say three roosters for Rooster sign! Happy farming and animal husbandry! A sunny wonderful summer ahead and enjoy good folk shui!

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