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Three Generations of Artists, One Art Exhibit

CEBU, Philippines - Art exhibits by country’s creative luminaries may not be so common in Cebu. But they do come by every now and then. In fact, one such occasions is the exhibit “Acquisitions,” the featured show for the first half of May, of Qube Gallery.

Headlined by the works of celebrated artists Lydia Velasco, Manuel Rodriguez Sr. and National Artist for Visual Arts Jose Joya, the group show was consisted of pieces that conveyed hints of Modernism back when the art movement was at its peak – and matched by pieces that embodied Contemporary Art.

Admeasuring a retrospective view on Modernism’s evolution into the realm of Contemporary Art, the works of Vidal “Undo” Alcoseba, Virgillo Daclan, Pandy Aviado, Edgar Mojares, Andrew Barba, Tony Alcoseba, Sio Montera, Kenichi Wani and company were also in the show – exemplifying the impact of Modernism on today’s creative aesthetics and design ideals.

In bringing the works of three generations of talents together, “Acquisitions” drew a connecting line between what was and what is – as well as what new aesthetic form the relationship may yet acquire in the future.

While the show was not clearly indicative of what further development may come, it surely provided the insight to drive artists to keep on doing what they do – to capture and frame beauty, not so that it could be kept but so it could be shared with the rest of the world. (FREEMAN)

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