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Crispy Malunggay

CEBU, Philippines - Here is a simple recipe I learned in grade school. It is so easy to prepare and inexpensive. All the more inexpensive if you have a laying hen around in your backyard garden. You may only need to run to the corner sari-sari store for cooking oil.


1 cup of fresh malunggay leaves

1 pc egg

Cooking oil

Pinch of salt to taste

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Spices – garlic and onion


1. Sauté garlic and onion until brown.

2. Add in malunggay leaves. Keep heat low to avoid scorching the leaves.

3. Slowly pour in the beaten egg (with salt already mixed in), spreading evenly to cover all the leaves. Wait until the leaves turn crispy.

4. Serve hot.

This recipe serves two persons. Increase quantity according to number of diners.

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