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High Low Skirt

Are you chic but torn between your mini skirt and your long dress? High low skirt is the answer to your problem! High low skirt is a skirt with different lengths of the hemline- it is short at front part center of the legs, and gradually increases in length towards the back. ( High low skirts can be used in many occasions depending on the material used. It is seldom that you can wear a single high low skirt on numerous occasions without being a little out of place.

This high low skirt style offers more space for your legs to move and your foot to step forward. This skirt could be worn during an ordinary mall day or this could be used on special gatherings according to what you match it with, and even on corporate events. Aside from being able to wear it in malls and during gatherings, high low skirt could also be worn for dancing where you are able to move around and showcase your legs without exposing too much skin because of the increased length of the cloth at the back.

High low skirts should be worn with the right top and the right shoes. What's amazing is that you can pair these high low skirts with every kind of top. They look great with plain tank tops, graphic tee shirts (tucked in), flowered blouses and even a white or light blue crisp shirt. Add a little attitude by simply wearing accessories that match your outfit.

Here are some fashion tips on how to wear your high low skirts depending on when and where to wear it:

When wearing the high low skirt for corporate wear, the shorter front hem should be just a little above the knee with gradual increasing length towards the back. The length on the back of the skirt should only be on the mid of the calves. Do not used pastel or colors that are too bright. Instead, use colors that could fit in with the corporate theme such as brown, grey, or black. Soft plaid and stripes can also be used as details.

When wearing the high low skirt on casual days, you can wear the type with prints and ruffles with matching cut. Match it up with the perfect Mary Janes to get the full chic look. The strap of the Mary Janes gives a nasty-yet-classy view of the flowing appeal of your legs. Georgette, chiffon and maxi cloth are best with causal high low skirts.

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When wearing high low skirts for formal wear, the skirt should be of chiffon material. Match it with eye-catching high-heeled shoes because with high low skirts, your shoes are given much more attention.

At the end of the day, it's all about being unique and being creative. Who would've thought a skirt with different lengths of the hemline could be something that's making the lines of a clothing shop longer and longer?

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